Ditto US MCRD PI Plts’ 153 and 155 Shot 189, how embarrassing for one who was an avid hunter and never missed. Lucked out at ITR however and while home on boot leave my mother sewed on that first stripe. Served/Stayed in the “GunClub” for just over 20. Now serve Jesus, ordained and still active. Oh by the way expert rifle and pistol badges hang on the wall with my jump wings, AO wings, and gold leaf collar emblems. SemperFi!

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3 thoughts on “Ditto”

  1. This story is lacking an author signature and some dates…Plt 155 at PISC — what year ??

  2. I was in Platoon 155 in 1955. Sgt. Butts and Sgt Geronie were our DI’s. I did not go all that well at Camp Mathew, but I did qualify. Semper Fidelis.

  3. I graduated Nov 9th 1959 from platoon 155. Had to stay on the island one more week to make up time lost to a hurricane.

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