Do Not Imitate A Drill Instructor

It was Parris Island, 3rd phase, F Company, Plt. 2008, April 1980 and we were testing at E Beach and one evening our Sr. Drill Instructor Staff Sgt. Shank, informed us we were going to have a Gong Show. If any of us had any talent, we had to stand up in front of the platoon and do our thing. The whole time we were in boot camp, I had a knack for imitating one of our 5 drill instructors. His name was Sgt. Britton. He was the easiest of our DI's. He would always tell us, "Privates, the Walls of Jericho are going to fall down upon you if you don't… etc, His head would tilt from side to side and he would wave his hand like a karate chop. I would always imitate him behind his back and when everyone would start laughing, he would ask, "What the hell is so funny"? No one would say anything and we would all PT for a while.

So at the Gong Show my fellow recruits yell to the SDI," Nolan can do Sgt. Britton!" The SDI said, Nolan, get your ass up here! I did as ordered and he proceeded to tell me this better be good.

I did my best and our SDI and the other DI's were trying there best not to laugh. They couldn't do it. So now, Sgt. Britton knows I'm making fun of him and I've got 3 more weeks on PI… It was a long 3 weeks. Everytime Sgt. Britton would give an order he would follow up with, "Is that ok with you Private Nolan? I would yell at the top on my lungs, Sir, Yes Sir! He would smirk and I would be sweating bullets. So to my fellow Marines in Plt. 2008, thanks for the laughs…

Tom Nolan

Plt. 2008, April 1980 

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