We were on the USS Okinawa LPH3 in 69 along with 2/26 (I think) floating up and down from the DMZ to Chu Li looking for trouble. We were using the old UH 34Ds to transport the grunts. After flight quarters were secured and after dark abuddy and myself would go up on the flight deck and swing our legs off the rear of the deck,sit and solve all the worlds problems. Right under us was fan tail and after dark the “dobbie” brothers would congregate there and do a few “Dr Feelgoods” and converse on an intellectual level. Now there was a door to enter/exit so EVERY time the door opened why a person had never seen so many fireflys flying off the fantail.The aroma would float up to us to the point we had to move (second hand “doobie”) …..Skip and I would laugh seeing all that good weed flying away and the cost. Full disclosure: Never smoked it period!…My drug of choise was alcohol.

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7 thoughts on ““Dobbies””

  1. Great story, Bruce. Were you part of ships company, or embarked Marines? In my minds eye, I can just see all of those fireflys heading out to sea. Semper Fi!!! Top Pro

  2. Hey Bruce, You reminded me of my trip on the USS IOW JIMA LPH-2 in 1966, same route as you.
    I was with HMM-163, a UH-34D Squadron. From PHU BAI to DANANG to OKINAWA and back to
    PHU BAI. Semper Fi Marine

  3. Hello Bruce,
    I was with BLT2/4 on the Okinawa in 1973. You brought back a lot of memories of my time on number 3.
    I was sad to learn that it is now an underwater hotel for fish.
    Dan Poore
    Sgt. USMC 72/76-1371

  4. In the mid ’80’s I was on the Okinawa. Had a great float. We nicknamed it the “Brokinawa” as the ship seemed to break down a lot….conveniently while in the Philippines. Olongapo. Good times.

  5. Funny. I spent one year six months and 27 days with 1/9 and never knew any Marine that smoked a doobie. Of course, we were in the field 99% of the time. When I first joined them in 66′ my squad leader told us, 8 new guys, that if he ever caught us using marijuana, that he would shoot us. I raised my hand to ask a question. I asked, “whats marijuana”? He asked me where I was from. I said Oregon. He called me a hillbilly. Never saw any nor smelled any. Semper Fi..


    1. James, what doesn’t he know? I went with 1/9 in June of 1967, July 2 1967 I went with 3/9 to get what was left of 1/9. Operation Buffalo. Murray 1371

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