Doc & Gunny Just Laughed !!!

In the 1980s my platoon from 1st. CEB had been sent to the Army jungle survival school in Panama for 30 days. I as the company Doc had my hands full with cuts, scrapes, and rashes.

One day the Co. Gunny and I were heading up the the barracks stairs to our 2nd floor home. All of a sudden a large bodybuilding Marine came running down the stairs with his hand covering his forhead. Blood was all over his face, and running into his eyes, he was a mess!

The Gunny and I ran to him, and I asked him what had happened. He stated thet he had smacked his head on the stairs. Now, he still had his hand to his head, and was keeping it on. I came in close to him as to examine the wound area and said (Where?) He quickly stood up pointed to the right, and said loudly ( On The Stairs !!! ) The gunny and I just F#@%^%$g lost it !!!   

Doc Clarke

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