Dong Ha 20 June 1968 Ammo Dump Hit

I spent 10 hours trapped in a grave with 3 other Marines. Artillery from North Vietnam hit the ammo dump at 1600 on 20 June 1968. Is anyone else out there? I was with Maintenance Company, Engineer Platoon, FLSG Bravo. A 2nd Lt and a volunteer crew rescued us about 8 or 10 hours later, I have connected with one other individual. If you are out ther, pop smoke.

3 thoughts on “Dong Ha 20 June 1968 Ammo Dump Hit”

  1. I can relate to your Dong Ha Ammo Dump 20 June 1968. I was in Dong Ha from July 1967 to Jan. of 1968, our Ammo Dump was hit on Sept. 3rd. 1967. I was stuck in a small bunker near the Air Strip for it seemed like eternity. I was attached to 1st Marine Div. 7th. Comm. Support Co.. During that time, I don’t remember a day without getting NVA Artillery. I was happy to leave Dong Ha, and move to Hill 34 near Da Nang. I thought we were more safe and away from NVA Artillery, Not. It wasn’t to long our hill was over ran by Viet Cong and we lost 3 Marines. In March we lost 5 more Marines to a rocket attack. Sorry about rambling on, I hope you find your 3 Marines. Semper Fi Sgt. Crowe

  2. I was there. 15th. Marine Counterintelligence Team, about a half mile away. We watched it “cook off”, throwing unexploded shells all around the area. I have photos. I had been in country for about two weeks (second tour). Quite a show. Glad I was not in your boots at the time. SSGT. Ken Cohen, 1959-69.

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