Dress Blues for Marrying College Sweetheart

In December of 1964, while I was stationed in Quantico,Va., I married Emma, my college sweetheart .
One year later I was in Vietnam with the Second Battalion ,Third Marines. Emma was seven months pregnant. Before I left for Vietnam, I went to ask Colonel Jonas M.Platt if I could stay in Quantico just two more months to be with Emma when our first child was born. Col.Platt simply said,”Do you think you are the only Marine whose wife is pregnant?”
Today, we have four children and eleven grandchildren. Mike, our firstborn, is 55 years old.
The first time I picked him up was in November 1966. Today, we should never forget the commitment of Marines serving around the globe and their families who make a special sacrifice during times of separation. We are especially thankful and indebted to those who make the ultimate sacrifice and never have the chance to be reunited with their loved ones.

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10 thoughts on “Dress Blues for Marrying College Sweetheart”

  1. I am sure that some other Marine has already noted that “If the Marine Corps wanted you to have a wife, they’d have issued you one”. Ah, the Olds Corps

  2. This has a familiar ring to it. My first contact with my second son was when he was eight weeks old and I came back from overseas. Marine wives are as tough if not tougher than we Marines!

  3. I waited until after TBS to get married (13/03/65). I was in Company C , TBS 2-65. I am the leader of our class reunions. We are hoping to hold our next in the fall of 2022 in Charleston, S.C.. What was your TBS class?

    1. I attended TBS 4-65 and got married 12/27/64, about two weeks before school started. First child born 3/29/67. Orders issued months earlier to report to Staging Bn. 4/8/67, then on to Danang. Returned home in Dec. 67. Lucky! There for birth, left 10 days later with wife and baby girl with parents, missed first 8 months but wife and baby well-taken care of and what does an infant do during those first 8 months but …….

  4. My Father left for Vietnam when my brother was 4 I was 3 and my Mother pregnant with my sister. He only saw her in pictures. He was KIA 12/27/1967. Never saw anyone tougher than my Mother.

  5. I too served with Jonas Platt and that was a great privilege. He was an awesome leader IMHO. And yea, Marine Wives are the best!

  6. Had to display a baleful smile; my wife was 3 months pregnant when I shipped out to Vietnam June, 1967; baby came along December, negating any R&R trip to Hawaii, however I did get to Sasebo, Japan to visit with my sister for Christmas, who was married to a Navy Lieutenant serving aboard the USS Castor AKS 1. I was able to visit the ship in Danang Bay, South China Sea on two occasions that is was dropping off supplies to the White Elephant. A note of interest for the visit to Sasebo: I caught a flight down to Iwakuni, Japan, then a train to Sasebo. It was very, very cold in the unheated train that was routed across the island and I was wearing a tropical worsted uniform with short sleeves; during the entire trip several elderly Japanese gentlemen took turns loaning me their winter overcoats. I was appropriately feeling very humble indeed.

  7. Capt. Clifford: Nice response! Served under you at Courthouse Bay; 2nd ANGLCO late 68 early 69 after returning from Nam. Got into a tussle with MP’s in J’ville and got locked up for the night. You saved my butt when I had to stand tall before the CO. Only rec. confinement to base for several weeks based on your recommendation. Potentially could have rec. brig time, Dishonorable Discharge, etc. Thanks to you that was a life changing event. After being discharged in 70 I served with the Virginia State Police for 48 years. My career would not have been possible without your intervention. MUCH THANKS

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