As a member of Semper Fi.#1 Memorial Honor Detail our uniform of the day are Dress Blues. We are a volunteer unit of former Marines. Our mission is to assist the active duty of all branches of military to make sure all the veterans being interred at Riverside National Cemetery receive full military honors.

We also conduct full honors when no active duty are present. Like myself, almost all our members never had Blues until we joined this unit. We still serve with pride, representing the Marine Corps on our duty days at RNC.

We stand tall and understand what this uniform represents. It’s an honor to wear it every duty day.
For anyone interested, our website is: againtheyserve.org SEMPER FI.

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9 thoughts on “DRESS BLUES PHOTO”

    1. Chuck,
      Although I am not a member of this group of Marines, they are located in Riverside, CA. There is a National Cemetery located there, which they support.

      Semper Fidelis,
      Frank Shelton / Sgt. / USMC / 1965-69
      RVN 1967-68

  1. Such a display of honor, pride, duty and giving to those who gave their all, Semper Fi my brothers, you make us all very proud.

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