Eagle, Globe and Anchor



Robert A. Rainey
U.S. Embassy San Jose

No offense taken.  I have worn the USMC uniform with pride. I did so for almost 4 years.  I took care of MY marines and they took care of me.  I have been in fights with Navy personnel because of their disparaging me and MY Marine corps Uniform.  I have also been cussed and spat on because of MY Marine Corps Uniform(this happened in that lovely city by the bay).  Unlike you, I did not have a choice but I am PROUD of my Marine uniform, and will be buried in it.  I was authorized by the Department of the Navy, United Stated Marine Corps to wear the uniform.  It was Issued to me at USMCB Camp Lejeune, NC in Oct, 1968.  I last wore my Marine uniform in Apr, 1972
Semper Fi
Doc Davis

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  1. Sixty one years ago, I had the privilege, and with pride, to wear the Marine uniform with the Navy rank of HM2, Hospital Corpsman 2nd class on my sleeve. I receive many question, but when I informed them, they were please to know, Those that already knew, called me “Doc”. Thanks to all of you Marines for considering me as one of you. I was in for only 2 years as I was drafted into military service and was told Navy enlistments were down, so I put in the Navy. I appreciated the green vs. the blue.

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