Everly Brothers and Boot Camp: San Diego or Parris Island

Can someone verify for me where the Everly Brothers went to boot camp? I was at MCRD San Diego Oct 61 to Jan 62. I know I saw them in formation with another platoon a couple times. However, I ran into a Marine recently who swore to me he was with them at Parris Island. My Platoon number was 385. A Marine wouldn’t lie. Did I dream it?

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  1. They went through San Diego, for sure. Not sure their boot camp time period, but around then. While I was still in ITR (March ’62?) they did a concert somewhere on base after they graduated. I’m not sure where it was exactly, but I was walking exterior guard in an ammo dump on a week-end and they were within hearing distance. I was so very tempted to climb over the berm and see what was going on, but training and fear of the OD stopped me.

  2. Eye Witness: The Everly Brothers, indeed, received their Recruit Training at MCRDSD. They were on Mess Duty at the 3rd Bn Mess Hall during my 1st or 2nd week of Recruit Training (Platoon 313) in February of 1962. On 1 Feb, 1962, I was one of 8 new Privates that left Omaha, NE for MCRD San Diego. This was my ‘Date Stamp’ for the next 52 months. Once again, I was one of a number of Marines who were extended for 120 days in early 1966, Convenience of the Government, as part of the Marine Corps build up in the early days of the Vietnam War. (MABS 16, Sub-Unit 2, Danang, July, 1964 to Feb 1965)

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