Every Love story is Beautiful but our is my Favorite

The year was May 21, 1976 while waiting for orders to go to Okinawa on a drunken night after they had told him not to drink, and if he did not to go out of the Base. Because if he did, he was going to wake up married. Well, he got drunk and he went out of the Base. He didn’t wake up married but instead, he met the woman he was going to be married to. Even though when we met, he told me that he was not there looking for anybody and that he didn’t want to get serious with anybody because he was leaving to Okinawa for a year and he didn’t want to hurt anybody. After a short introduction and a short conversation by the end of that evening, this Marine was in deeply love. After a couple of dates and a year of separation we were married exactly a year and two days later. On May 23, 1977. We were happily married short of 41 years when God called him for Guard duty in Heaven on April 29, 2018
Semper Fi
Our dress blues photo

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4 thoughts on “Every Love story is Beautiful but our is my Favorite”

  1. My dress blues story.

    I was station in Albany, GA. I got orders for further transfer beyond the seas. Another Marine was being released from active duty. He had a set of blue that he was willing to sell. We were about the same size. I offered his price . I went to put them in my wall locker. I had just hung them up when another Marine approached me and said can I borrow them. I am getting married next week. I reminded him that I was on PCS. I will mail them to your home address. Well that was September 1955; I have yet see them to this day. Henry Ulrich of Rockford, IL. You lie like the rug on my living floor.

  2. I sold my dress blues to my roommate the day I EAS’d. We were about the same size.
    Wish to this day I had not sold them.
    Tony Woconish
    SSGT. USMC ‘76-‘82

  3. I love the heart warming stories that come out. Thank you for sharing yours with us.

    I can only count my hours on Oki but loved every minute. I our stayed my Cinderella liberty until way after morning formation but what the hey.

    Semper Fi
    Sgt Jeffrey Waldrop

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