9 thoughts on “Father Of A Marine Serving In Africa”

  1. …..boy , you have a great ornament…and would look better in my yard……you done a wonderful job fixing it up….semper fi……. ……”Doc” Lee…..’72–’82….1st Med. CLR 15 , 1st Marine ….

  2. That is one outstanding piece of art work. At Sutherlands Hardware Store in Louisiana (has everything a man needs) They have a concrete one about 12 inches in diameter and is solid grey. Could be painted to look fitting. Semper Fidelis, Raymond Edwards Sgt Maj USMC Ret 1966-1996

  3. Where do I get one as well! Both my Dad and Uncle are former Marines and I know both of them would LOVE to have something like this for their “collection” of USMC gear. If anyone knows, please email and let me know!

  4. One more question . . . are there any rules and/or regulations that prohibits persons who did not serve in the USMC from flying the Marine Corps flag and showing Marine pride? I would not want to step on anyone’s toes and cause a problem if there is a rule/regulation for those who didn’t serve.

    1. NO RULES NO REGULATION IN SHOWING YOUR PRIDE FOR THE CROPS!!!!!!!!! Your family members and yourself are part of the MARINES FAMILY!!! SO FLY IT!!!!!

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