Fear Of Marines

A squadron of these babies appeared on our C-130 flight line in Cherry Point the day after Kennedy was killed. Ready for war with Cuba or Russia. Every Air Force crew chief had a full, brand new tool box whereas us poor Marines were lucky to steal (or rather com-shaw) a screw driver here or there. Needless to say the fly boys had a 24 hour guard on their planes for fear of Marines, not commies.

Norm Spilleth
Cpl. 1960-1964

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6 thoughts on “Fear Of Marines”

  1. Hey Norm, are those Thuds? Sure does not look like the sleek super sexy planes of today! At K-Bay there was a detachment of 4 EA – 6B Prowlers at our flight line guarded by armed security 24/7! We also had F4 Phantoms And A4 Skyhawks which did not get such attention! We couldn’t get to close to check them out although it was our flight line! Anyway Semper Fi!

  2. Nice to see a picture of my old stomping grounds. I too was stationed at Cherry Point after receiving training at Millington for electronic technician and jet engine mechanic. I was there from ’63 to ’66 attached to MARS-27 which eventually became MAMS-27. Perhaps our paths crossed at sometime.

    Corporal Richard Henderson 1962-1966
    Semper Fi

  3. This is another re-tread posting, but glad to see this net back on the air after being down for IT problems. Semper Fi!!!

  4. My Squadron,VMA 242, A4C’s was on maneuvers in the Philippines, Subic Bay, with British the day it happened. Full Red Alert, fully loaded, ready to launch. During the Cuban Crisis, I was night shift hydraulic shop, we received a phone call another full Red Alert, C130F’s (KC 130) this time Cherry Point, N.C. I did get flight time and 30 day TAD to Puerto Rico.

  5. At that time I was with VMF(AW)115 MCAS Cherry Point. It could have been VMFA-115 by then. Cannot remember. Deployed to Leeward Point Guantanamo Bay Cuba.
    115 had F6 (Fords) Skyrays in Cuba then transitioned to F4B Phantoms after that.

  6. That A/C looks to be a Air Force F-106 if not it is a F-102 (Delta Dart or Delta Dagger). They were made I believe by North American in San Diego. Back in Jan of 58 when I went through boot camp we would be out on the small grinder by the runway and when they would take off while we were doing COD you couldn’t hear the commands when they would kick in the after burner and our DI would give us seven kinds of hell. One day though he made a comment and said “just be glad there ours”.

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