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  1. I wonder if they’d even let you re-enlist now in the PC military with a tattoo of a Confederate Flag.

  2. Looks like you’re confused about which county OUR Marine Corps fights for. When I graduated from Parris Island the flag at the front of the parade had Stars and Stripes not stars and bars. It’s 2017 not 1862 time to move on

      1. For sure Scott. Not much to choose from. A liar or a pyscho. You have to vote for who you think will do you the least amount of harm. I’m sure we both think we were right.

      1. You’re right Michael it is. It is a flag that represented the American traitors of our Republic. Their desire to own people of color like property was more important than the unity of our nation.

      2. Last time I checked, the people that those who flew and fought under the confederate flag, felt that it was their right to own the same people that you know (supposedly) call you Brothers.

  3. To deny HISTORY is asking to repeat history. Pretending that there were no confederate Marines is just PC nonsense. I had family fighting on both sides during the civil war and I am proud of all of them.

      1. Sgt Grit has 105 flags on line for sale and not one has stars and bars. I wonder why that is??? It’s 2019 not 1862 they lost time to move on. It’s time to unite under the Stars and Stripes. It’s not perfect but it’s pretty damn good.
        Semper Fi

  4. Tat looks like it came from “Ace tattoo” on Broadway in San Diego?My letters have the same shape and colors !

  5. Never be ashamed of the “stars and bars”, it symbolizes standing up for your rights and your cause, even under fire or persecution.
    Oooh Rah!

    1. If you have any pride in the stars and bars, you should absolutely be ashamed. It symbolizes a group of people who felt that it was acceptable to own human beings as property, like cattle, and they all got what they deserved. Rah…

  6. First and only Tat. Three lines right forearm.

    $1.00 a line in J Ville January 55 after 4 beers. Good thing my buddies saw me in the parlor and got me out. Lord knows what else I would have added.

    When my Mother saw it she cried for hours!

  7. “U.S.M.C.” Tattooed on my right forearm in Hong Kong at a place called “Pinky’s”, I believe, for 15 new Hong Kong dollars which was about $3 American. When I came back home my Mom was furious but still loved me. Dad was a Marine in WW2 Pacific theatre on Guadalcanal, Betio, and Okinawa. He didn’t mind the Tatt. Love you, Pop
    Daniel Miller, 3/4 India Co. ‘75-‘76.

  8. Paul, sounds to me as if you are living in the ABSOLUTE P.C. world. The Stars and Bars are part of American history. Do you also want to remove the term history as well from our declining vocabulary and rename it something that a “snowflake” will not be offended by?

    1. It’s just as much a part of our history, as everything taught through Critical Race Theory. If they teach about “the stars & bars”, they need to include everything else.

  9. Actually the Confederate flag doesn’t represent hate…people do not know the history of why this war started. The North would not buy the cotton and other farm goods from the South. People started to starve so the southern States wanted to concede from the Union. Lincoln did not want the states to separate . The Civil War was NOT about slavery!! The Blacks fought for the South more faithfully then they did for the North. People really need to study on the history before making comments.

  10. The Civil war, was PRIMARILY, the result of the long-standing disagreement over the institution of slavery. It was about states rights to own slaves. Black people fought for the south, because they were promised freedom (which we all know wouldn’t have been granted), not because they believed in what the South stood for. In many cases, they didn’t have a choice. This was why they fought “faithfully”. Northern Units such as 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment and the 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiments, fought just as hard. Many fought to keep from living in a country where they wouldn’t be viewed as human beings. The flag may be “Heritage” to some, but it is absolutely a symbol of hate to many people, whether you accept that fact or not, Gunny….. Semper Fi…..

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