5 thoughts on “First Tat at 50”

  1. Looks good! I just got my first one and a second about 2 weeks ago. EGA on left upper arm and USMC on right arm. I’m 51 and been out 27 years. Semper Fi! I’m waiting for them to post the photo’s I uploaded last week.

  2. Awesome tat! Got mine when I was a PFC. Had to mind the budget so I opted for $20.00 per letter:USMC on right bicep. Now at 59 I’m ready to do it right with the EGA on my left calf. I guess we’re never too old.

  3. That tattoo is gorgeous! I too got mine at 50, and I love it, but yours is one of the best EGA’s I’ve seen. Semper Fi.

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