Future Marine

Dear Sgt. Grit, I am 17 years old and and finishing up high school so I can enlist in the Marine Corps. It's all I have ever wanted to do since I was a kid. I have earned the nicknames "Boot" and "Recruit" from some people who say I will be an outstanding Marine someday. One of my good buddies is a Veteran Marine, he has been the biggest influence in my life and is the reason why I want to enlist. He was an 0311 in the 3rd Marine Division and He served three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. I plan to serve my Country with Honor, Courage, and Commitment in the future, and the Corps. I want to thank all service members from all branches who have served in the past and who are serving now. "Blessed be the Lord my strength, Which teacheth my hands to War, And my fingers to fight."  Psalms 144:1

L. Tassell

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