Get Vinyl or Sublimated Designs Made Exclusively At Sgt Grit

Are your bulkheads or POV looking kind of bare or boring? Well… there is no need to worry because Sgt Grit has got your six covered. Sgt Grit’s Product Department can create high quality designs that will prominently display your Marine Corps pride.

We use a high-heat transfer sublimation process to put motivating Marine Corps designs on high quality aluminum signs, floor mats, mousepads, ceramic mugs, and much more. For your POV, we can cut window vinyl into text and images that are sure to display your Marine Corps affiliation to other motorist while you are on the road.

Our Production Department has two high-heat presses and one high speed vinyl cutter. Sgt Grit is your one-stop shop for everything Marine Corps.

Check out some of Sgt Grit’s vinyl and sublimated products:

Vinyl Car Decals

Aluminum Signs

Floor Mats

One thought on “Get Vinyl or Sublimated Designs Made Exclusively At Sgt Grit”

  1. Great Site,but I was looking for something in particular and could not find, a sign metal or vinyl with the phrase ” No Man Left Behind” The size around12″x12″.with Eagle Globe &Anchor.

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