Going To Write The CG of MCRD San Diego

Tom next to EGA at MCRD SD

Our reunion, 3/3 Viet Nam era, was in San Diego a couple weeks ago. Of course we went to a Friday Graduation. Afterwards we had a few moments so I wanted to see if the EGA on the base theater was as shinny as I left in Dec 1965. You see our PLT. drew maintenance duty instead of Mess duty. For a whole week I was assigned the job of shining that EGA. Well sadly I must report that it has not been kept up. A matter I am going to write the CG of base about.


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  1. Yup! The post theatre was an icon for MCRD. I graduated from there in 1969. Staff Sgt Mahaffey and Sgt Von Grenigan were my DI and instructor . Brings back memories for sure! Semper Fi!

  2. I agree the post theater was an icon. I also graduated in 1969, PTLN. 3195. Gunnery Sgt C.L. Steveans , Sgt Smith and Sgt Weaver

    1. Hey Greg, I was in PTLN. 2171, remember the airport next to MCRDSD? Never forget how we used to have a recruit get caught looking at it and Sgt. Von Grenigan barked out “say goodby airplane! Those were the days! Orrahhh! Semper Fi! Dave C.

      1. I was one of those guys who got caught sneaking a gaze at an aircraft taking off from Lindbergh during close order drill. My Senior DI, SSgt Cabat, shoves his face into mine, points at the plane and says, “Go chase it!” Boy did I thrash for that one. Ooh rah! John K. PLT 2001 MCRD San Diego Mar 1982.

  3. One of many things I have not noticed when I marched there January 1967, I was too scared to see anything except the man (teenager) in front of me. Glad those days are behind me now.

  4. Tom…..I also left bootcamp in ’65. Grad day was 23 Dec., plt 3005…I remember the EGA very well. I served with 2/3 in the Nam in ’68-’69….. Seems like a hundred years ago, and also seems like yesterday. Semper Fi !!!! ……. Richard

    1. Nice to see a fellow 2/3 Devil Dog on these pages! I graduated from MCRDSD in May of 1999 though, and was with 2/3 from 1999-2003. Did a few overseas deployments, a few RIMPACs and a combat deployment. Got med boarded out after 10 years in 2009 after getting injured in Iraq. I remember every unit I ever served with, but the time I spent with 2/3 always stands out as the best of times and the worst of times. I miss those guys. Semper Fi!

  5. Dear Tom, I was in “Mighty 190”, graduating in Dec. of ’65, too. I was, I think the only Marine with a lifer Navy uncle and his family attending the grauating ceremony. God bless ’em, it felt pretty good to have family there while I was over 2,000 miles from Minnesota. My uncle wore his dress uniform as a Navy chief; he stood out great!

  6. I graduated in September 65 platoon 142 but my maintenance week consisted of washing the CGs sedan and buffing the floors in the building. I served with Mike 3/9 in Vietnam 66-67. Retired 30June91.

    1. We graduated oct 1963. We went to a graduation oct 2013. They rolled out the red carpet. 7 showed. We stayed at old town inn. They cater to mcrd graduations. Had a sgt. Meet us at gate and provide a tour. Contact CG secretary at MCRD

  7. Graduated Dec. 1960, Plt. 285. I don’t remember a “maintenance week” at boot camp only mess duty at Camp Matthews. Who do you contact to get permission to get aboard base for a graduation?

  8. Anyone remember duck walking up little agony at Camp Matthews April 1961 platoon 315 with SDI WD Jack McDowell Gunny E-6, SSgt E-5 Day, and Sgt E-4 McCully. All were Korea vets. Graduation was May 1961. Rich Kumler LCPL 1959 # # #.

  9. Tom, Member if the Historical Foundation at MCRD San Diego, will bring this to the attention of the G-3. Bob

  10. Plt 2046 March ’69.. Sgt Crittenden and Sgt Banks showed us around base every day! best part of service was being first family to see my brother upon his arrival at Pendelton in May of same year. He make it home from Vietnam after 13 months and I am as happy about that today as I was then.

  11. We had maintenance duty also after returning from the rifle range. Myself and two other boots were given the weed whacking job; along the fence line next to the golf course. For that week we were assigned to the saltiest old Gunny I’ve ever seen, he treated us like Marines and we worked our asses off pulling weeds; there was no shortage of them. He took us to see the Silent Drill Team when they came to do their thing at MCRD. Totally awesome! Our SDI saw us at the performance and when we returned to the squad bay the Gunny went into the duty hut and told our SDI, “Staff Sergeant it was my idea to take your recruits to the SDT today, please don’t punish them as they were following my orders.” We dodged the bullet on that one, but we knew we’d get it twice for our next screwup.

  12. June 1965, Plt 222 that’s when I graduated. spent a month at san onofre pulling mess duty. then home on leave. President kennedy paid us a visit at MCRD to watch our training at various place.He inspected us in our quanset hut and even shook hands with my buddy. Bad news when he got assinated, The base commander gave us the rest of the day off . We were all in shock. Went back last year for the first time since I left boot camp. served with 3/3 and 1/9 last duty station after nam was the reception center at Cherry Point, NC. I was the NCOIC of the center. lots of memories, lots of friends, Semper FI

    1. Manny, your dates are wrong or your Presidents are. JFK was assassinated 22 Nov 1963. In 1965 it was LBJ. The Kennedy shooting was a very shaky time. We thought it might have been done by the Soviets. They were in Cuba at that time. We were ready to go, but the call ever came. Went to Nam in June of 65 with 1/9

      1. George, I started boot camp in March of 1963, Kennedy made his visit in May or June of 63. I did a month of mess duty after graduating. July I went on leave and back to san Mateo, camp Pendelton and reported to 2/1 H&S 81’s.Ken nedy got assassinated while in pendelton that Nov 63. Left for okie in Jan 65 and relieved 3/3 which we were designated, and the old 3/3 became the new 2/1. Landed in Chu Lai may 12 of 1965. transferred to 1/9 July to danang 1963.I hope this makes it clearer.

  13. I was in Plt. 8, MCRD San Diego, 16 January 1946. The planes taking off from Lindbergh Field got the attention of several boots. This usually resulted in the D.I. (Sgt Findley or Corp. Morrison) to give the offender several whacks on their pith helmut (yes, we wore pitch helmets) with a swagger stick driving the helmet down on the boots forehead and leaving a mean scratch when the screw pin on the glode and anchor emblem cut into the forehead. This treatment was usually drastic enough that there were few repeats.

  14. I graduated boot camp in 63 paltoon 220 went to radio school in Pendleton then went to 1 4 in Hawaii good duty but expensive. Then we deployed to Chu Lai V.N. spent 13 months there . Upon returning to the states went to Camp Lejeune .

  15. Plt. 3105 9/’74-12/’74: Our Plt Commander, Sgt. Thames (Pronounced: Times) was drilling us one fine day out on the grinder when one of the many airliners took off. It was right when the jet engines were really loud and he gave a column movement. Well the front half of the platoon didn’t hear the command but the back half did. Sgt. Thames could be heard yelling and we all looked around and saw the platoon in complete disarray! He hollered ” what the F#@# are you people trying to do!!!” We told him that we didn’t hear the command. Right then, another jet was taking off and he got so pissed off that he turned in the direction of the jet, started yelling at the jet and then threw his sword at it! Boy was he mad. He picked up his sword and let the other two DI’s finish drilling us. What memories:)

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