Gunnery Sergeant Retired

Several years ago I was asked to render the first salute to a 2nd lieutenant graduating from Army ROTC, University of Dayton, Ohio. As we were waiting the commissioning of other ROTC cadets, I decided to add some life to the ceremony. After my young 2nd lieutenant took the oath of office, I walked onto the stage, hand salute (my best), and in a very loud command voice said “SIR, Gunnery Sergeant Pederson, retired, reporting as ordered, SIR!” After the ceremony, an Army one star general (Ohio National Guard) said to me, “It was the best First Salute he has ever seen.”

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12 thoughts on “Gunnery Sergeant Retired”

  1. Brought back a memory of mine. Years back my wife and I were attending a wedding in this small town on Cape Cod over the Memorial Day weekend and went to a service at the local American Legion while there. Watching the Honor Guard I noticed that one member stood out , standing straight with shoulders back ,chest out,rifle motions way more precise than the other members. I turned to my wife pointed and told her there is a Marine. Sure enough, I went up to him after and ask him what years he was in the Marines .He asked how I knew.Told him how I knew he was Marine and one of his buddies just shook his head and said , “ Damn Marines”! Harry 1371

  2. Gunny,
    Great story ! It was especially interesting to me because I attended UD from 1963- 1967.
    Back then we had mandatory ROTC for two years. After meeting that requirement I opted out only to signing up for the Corps with an OSO less than two years later. Commissioned USMC 2nd Lt on 11/9/67. MOS 03. RVN 6/68 – 6/69.
    So the easier way would have been the two more years of Army ROTC but as you well know, Gunny, there are a few who don’t opt for the easier way. Semper Fi.
    Captain T.A. Smith

  3. Not totally unrelated but, I just read that out of the 32 Veterans arrested for attacking The U. S. Capital , 13 were Marines. One was shown assaulting a police officer! I can’t speak for anyone else ,but that is disturbing to me. Harry 1371

  4. The day that those people stormed the U.S Capital was the angriest I have been since the attacks on 9/11. There was no call for that at all no matter what! Harry 1371

      1. A friend of my wife has a son that went there that day and was one of the ones that made it into the Capital and she remarked how proud she was of her son for being there. I guess my wife really lit into her, they are no longer on speaking terms.

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