Gunny Monster Update

Gunny Monster Update

Just a quick up dated you have our Bulldogge Gunny Monster, listed on your website in the 2 following locations.

This year during the Toys 4 Tots local drive he we recruited as a Mascot to help local Marine Reserve and recruiter units. Your catalog was full of items I was missing to complete the mission of building a uniform to fight his unique frame.  He will provide services at no charge to those units as needed for events throughout the years. I have to admit it has been an experience finding a tailor that would tackle the project and work with me to do this. Here are a couple of pictures of his Dress blues and Charlie uniform.  Here is his own mascot page it will have updated photos when I complete his MARPAT uniforms he will have the summer and winter uniforms by the end of month. 

As always thanks for all the help from your staff and keep up the great work. Semper Fi Cpl. Grant

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