Ham and Mothers

Had to respond to the Ham and Mothers…..Even when you were starving…it was hard to gag them
down….and about Cold I was in Vietnam 1967 and 1968.And froze during Tet 68….And how about
being wet for days upon days?Longest I was in bush was 29 days….many many shorter ones.We
all smelled the same Bad!!!!Semper Fi

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4 thoughts on “Ham and Mothers”

  1. I don’t know why anyone would complain about “Ham and Muthas”. Maybe it was an aquired taste. Maybe my “Mother ” was not a great cook, so anything she didn’t cook tasted good. It was always my first choice when we got our C’s. The only other rat I can remember was the spaghetti, and it sure was not Chef Boyardee.
    I do remember being on a convoy, and one marine threw a “C-rat” candy to a young Vietnamese kid. Instead of retrieving it the kid beat it with a stick.

  2. I loved Ham and Mothers. I would trade cigarettes for them. My personal opinion of how they got their name is a Marine long ago was handed his box of C-rats and not looking at the label open the can and and said Not Ham and Mother Fucking Lima beans again.

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