Her Name Is Semper Fi

semper fi dodge challenger passenger side

Just wanted to show you my love of the Corps. Here are pictures of my 2010 Dodge Challenger. Her name is Semper Fi.

Paul Pineault
CPL USMC ’81-’86
High Point, NC

16 thoughts on “Her Name Is Semper Fi”

  1. Wow Double Wow…….What great and wonderful Idea and tribute. I love to see it on one MECUMS’ Auctions, not for sale, but as a display for our Marines.

  2. I am a former Marine 1975-1985. I have never seen such a BAD ASS CAR IN ALL MY LIFE. THE COMMANDANT OF THE MARINE CORPS WOULD GO CRAZY OVER THIS CAR UP IN WASHINGTON, D.C. Just wanted to let the owner know you have a one in a Million car Dude. Great paint job on your car. May the Good Lord bless you with many years of Life and good riding in the car. Much joy to your family as well. Semper Fi to a brother Marine.

  3. Fantastic paint job. Great looking car, hope you keep it in the garage at night. Too darn nice to set out in the weather.

  4. That is a very awesome paint job on your car. And I want to know where did you get it done at or is it a sticker. Sempre Fi Marine

  5. That is the “Wickedest, Hard Chargin'(No Pun Intended), Ass Kickin’, Name Taking, Devil Dog, Lifermobile” paint job that would do Chesty Puller proud that I have truly ever seen. You have gone Above and Beyond the Call of Graphics Duty with this performance!!! oOOOoh Rah!!! If you ever need Guard Duty on that thing in a parking lot…Give me a call.

  6. Proudly displaying the United States Marine Corps and proud to be a U.S. Marine. That says it all. Thank you for your service Marine.
    You must really enjoy struttin’ your stuff.
    Semper Fi

  7. Beautiful car with the Marine Corp decals, so Proud of my Corp. There is so much comrodity with the corp,there is no other branch that is so tight in brotherhood,We always back each other up, because we are Marines!! Semper-Fi

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