His Turn To Carry On The Tradition

His Turn To Carry On The Tradition

This past Friday my son Hunter Vigil graduated from Parris Island. Pictured is me on the left, my son and my dad Wayne Vigil Sr. My dad served our Corps '71-'75, I served '91-'95 and now it's his turn to carry on the tradition. I wish him luck in all his endeavors the Corps presents him with. Too proud of a Papa to keep it to myself.

Semper Fi,
Cpl Vigil, Wayne D
USMC 0311/8151

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  1. Oorah !, Semper Fi, Marines. 3 generations of U.S. Marines. I am impressed by your family that had set great examples for the rest of the population to follow. Thank you for your services.

  2. Hunter Vigil your following in the foot print of two great Marines Your GrandFather “GrandPaw Jar Head” as my Grandchildren Call Me, And A Great Marine Your Father, Now its your turn to walk in your own Foot Print, Take your Time and Go Forward, Look Back and See Were you’ve Been and Go Far into the Future “Words to Think About “Foresight” Being able to Predict what will happen before it happens, learn to Bend the light, Being Able to see around a corner before you get there. Patience & Solitary, When your in the Middle of Know were and know one is there, what do you do. Focus on time, The Sun will always rise in the east and set in the west, become a navigation warrior, land navigation is your best friend. Be the Marine you set out to be. In my 20 years the Marine Core Taught me Well, You See my Left Hand But you will never see my Right Hand, Only i fine tuned that old saying’ I taught my self my own skills, “Deploy Deception, Manipulate the Truth, That’s not a lie that is the Truth. “Camouflage” Make like a Hole in the Air. In other words i want the Enemy to Think im to the Left, But im Actually to Right, I Got the Jump on Them. Semper Fi Marine, Rick Aitchison GySgt USMC Ret. 06/26/79-03/01/2000. That was my Time. Now its your Turn “Git Some”

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