I am looking for some help identifying which HMM squadron was assigned to MAG 36 at MCAS Futema in 1978 and 1979.  I am unable to confirm which squadron was operating there based on the squadrons web sites.  I have a feeling that the squadrons may have rotated during that period of time.  I was one the Senior SAR Corpsman assigned to the 1st MAW from June of '78 to November '79.  I would appreciate any assistance on this information or a source that I can go to and confirm the information that I need.  Thanks.

Doc Money

Semper Fi

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  1. Well Doc Money, all I can tell you is that I was stationed there from 1995-2001 an at the time HMM-265 was there. So, maybe if you could get in touch with this squadron maybe someone in their S-3 could help you with your question. I worked at MALS-36 Bladerunners! Started out as Production Control NCOIC, then PowerPlants NCOIC, then ended up as QA Chief before I retired after 22 years of service! Semper Fi!

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