Home Run

Jan. 1982 Myself and three other boot camp Marines were in the barracks for some reason I do not remember. I was an avid softball player and decided that I would demonstrate what I would do.At home plated I started to narrate; I hit the ball just over the head of the third baseman, I took off running to imaginary bases. First, second and rounding third base for home. I hit the floor to slide into home for a home run. It was a perfect slide, I looked up and there was the Senior D.I. for the other platoon. Still to this day I do not remember what happened.

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2 thoughts on “Home Run”

  1. I know exactly what happened to me. I had just received a reality check from one of my DI’s for not having tighten my Gas Cylinder plug on M-14 and in my haste to get out of the duty hut while running out the door, a figure with his back to me was partially blocking the door. Needless to say, Yes you guessed right, I ended up pushing DI from another Platoon that was also on the range. True to form he stopped me, let my DI know and I was graciously invited back into the duty Hut for yet another “Reality Check” . I quickly learned the meaning of “Pardon Your Leave Sir”
    It is just one of those things that leave a lasting impression.
    Semper Fi
    Sgt. T. Golden USMC 1968 to 1972

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