I am Legacy

Have you ever wondered about who you are in this life, in this world? What is your purpose in life? What will be or IS your contribution?
After watching American Sniper, I wondered. Chris Kyle was a defender of our country and protector (overseer) of the troops he was with. That was his purpose.
Looking back, I wondered what my purpose was, what did I do or what was I doing…. I recall going to my Marine Corps squadron’s several years ago, when Iraqi Freedom was being fought. The squadron was on their way back off of the carrier. There was a small crew from the squadron that was there to attend the reunion (lead team) and I was able to dine with a Marine that was with me from the time I was at my AFUN school. He has achieved the rank of Master Gunnery Sergeant and was telling me of some of the operations that they did off of the carrier.
While he was telling me that, I was feeling less and less of a Marine. I did not feel worthy of claiming the title because during my time with the squadron there were no wars, or battles. We were the ‘transition’ squadron, making the change from the older F-4 Phantoms to the new F/A-18 Hornets. We learned. We maintained. We were awarded trophies for being safe and being able to keep all of our aircraft 100%, we traveled.
What MGySgt Monroe said next nearly brought me to tears. He said “Guyer, what we did back then was setting the bar for these kids that are coming into the squadron today. We set that bar so high and they are trying to reach it so much, it is the new standard. And, because of that, we were able to bring back EVERY ONE. We lost no Marines while we were there…because of what we did then. You should be proud”
After the movie and reflecting on what MGySgt Monroe said, I now know more about who I am and what I am doing….my contribution.
I have been in aircraft maintenance for 30 years now and I am currently a maintenance instructor getting young men and women ready to take their Airframe and Powerplant licenses. I challenge my students, they are the next generation to keep, maintain and make those flying machines safe. They will be the ones that will be working on those machines that can make man break the bounds of the earth.
I am the beginning of a Legacy. What I am doing now is setting the bar for those I am teaching to reach…..I am making a difference.

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  1. Guyer – Know that every person who has ever earned the right to wear the coveted eagle, globe and anchor, whether in war or peace, overseas or stateside, active or reserve, does make a difference in this world. Much the same as a police officer, firefighter, or emergency medical technician, we Marines are respected and revered, not necessarily for what we do, but for what we are capable of doing. We’re not known at “America’s 911 Force” for sitting on our ass doing nothing. Semper Fi!!!

  2. Some people, from time to time, second guess themselves and suffer from low self esteem. Then.. there are MARINES!! Nick

  3. Thank you for this narrative. I recently had a similar discussion with a friend of mine, a fellow Marine of my same service time. I served over 12 years, after Vietnam and before the first Gulf War. 12 years, floating on gray navel ships waiting for the call to action. I wrote the check but the Corps never cashed it. Seeing WWII, Korean and Vietnam vets at the gym, seeing this new generation of Marines having done multitude tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, I am humbled. We all have had our roles. Some of us, just untested. Semper Fi.

  4. To paraphrase President Ronald Reagan: Most people go through life wondering if they made a difference. Marines don’t have that problem. Semper Fi Brother. You made a difference.

  5. I’m a Vietnam Veteran and I love the saying of President Reagan…. “Most people spend their lives wondering if they made a difference……. the MARINES don’t have that problem!”
    Semper Fi ALL
    AL Scott

  6. – I am ANOTHER “Air-Wing” Marine (read Marine) with a mixed & often varying reputation of my Service; Thanks to TWS I am now writing about my experiences in the Marine Corps (at it turns out the ‘high-water mark’ of my life – & the ONLY thing I Truly/ ever succeeded in !)
    – I always tell people certain stories when I talk of my active duty time (-1983-1987 – from: MCRD PI’s 3rd Bn “H” Co. > “AMS A” school > F/A-18A FRAMP (read (later called) legacy “Hornets”) > H/MS-11 (MAG-11) & VMFA-314 “Black Knights” (the FIRST Marine F/A-18 Squadron) )
    I ‘floated’ on USS Coral Sea (CV-43) with CVW-13, making the ’85-86 Med Cruise, and supporting the Squadron’s/Airwing’ strikes against Gaddafi; When some folks in my little FL neighborhood found out I had ‘joined’ the Marines (DEP in the Summer of ’82) – most of them laughed – when I EARNED the Title (and returned there on leave) – I laughed at them !
    – I was an “Airframer” Aircraft Painter, & CMC in OPS) but 1st & foremost – ALWAYS a MARINE !
    – Until several years ago, I Admittedly gave less thought to being a “Veteran”; but with the passing yrs & nearing 60, I realize now, I was ALWAYS Proud of being a MARINE, but just thought of it less often !
    – My parents were & ALWAYS Proud of their Marine Son.
    – Although I “didn’t stay” I now wish I had . . .
    -(I’m, reminded of my former neighbor (9th Marines – VN) & the current other VN Vet (“Khe Sanh” Marine) I am also proud to have known Col L. “Sam” Moore (A Marine Aviator, (CO of VMF-211, Wake Island), A “China Marine”, and a Fine Man & Family Friend)
    – I’d like also to remind some of the Marine Recruiting Commercial ‘They call them Devil Dogs” – to me really ‘hits home”


  7. I was a combat Marine in Vietnam almost 55 years ago. I feel the same today as I did back then, it was all the Marines behind me that made it possible for me to be alive today. Weather you served in supply, maintenance, the mail room, a guard at a base, or any other duty, you made it possible for me to do my job. For this I shall always be grateful to the men and women who backed me up. You may not have thought about it that way buy without you, every Marine who has ever seen combat would have been at a great disadvantage. Thank you Marines, one and all.
    Semper Fi

  8. I have almost never heard of a medal being upgraded. I was recommended for the Navy Cross when I was in Vietnam when the paperwork was sent to HQ they decided that it was not gallant enough for the Cross, so it was downgraded to a Silver Star. I highly commend you for your duty and your unswerving devotion your fellow Marines, Semperfi marine I salute you and thank you for your service. President Reagan summed best in his quote that marines don’t have a problem if they made a difference, we have and always will.

    1. Still no Booher on the Silver Star list. Nothing has changed since you tried this last time. You are BS Booher! Go away!

        1. Thanks Billy. I just don’t get this guy. the DOD publishes a list! No Booher anywhere! This is not the first time he was called on it. STOLEN VALOR!! Nick 0311

    2. When a recommendation is made for valor the writer of the recommendation will not specify or give an opinion on which award should be received, unless it be Purple Heart, the Medals and Awards division decides which award is authorized according to the action and witness accounts. Meritorious awards are a different story. My conclusion is BOOHER IS FULL OF CRAP!! STOLEN VALOR!! Bill 0331

  9. I believe that there is no greater pride that can be felt than watching your daughter, or son, graduating from boot camp 30 years after you have. My heart swelled with pride when she walked up to me after words and said what every Marine says to another, Semper Fi. Me a mechanic, her a truck driver. We share that bond. We are Marines.

    Semper Fi!

  10. The fierce pride and loyalty to the Corps and country by everyone posting makes me very proud as I feel the same way too. Except for that bonehead booher dude. SEMPER FI!

  11. A little over 20 years ago , 14-Nov-1999, during the dedication of our counties Vietnam Veterans Memorial I had the Honor of meeting and talking with a Medal Of Honor Recipient . Won’t mention his name but, he is retired Army and was with 7th Cav. during Battle of I-Drang in 65. Long story short during our conversation I was kind of down playing my service compared to his and was told in NO way to ever sell myself short . He poked his finger at my chest and said “Never ever sell your self short we all had a job to do and it sounds to me that you did yours well so be proud of that.” Just saying. SEMPER FI! Harry 1371

  12. I’m a Marine Aviator (A-6 Intruder pilot, kind of dating myself here) who feels that you were actually wronged during your time in F-18 squadrons because you were not told just how important your contribution was to the squadron mission and more importantly to the pilots. Every day we strapped on our planes knowing that the dedication and hard work that those of you who maintained the planes put forth ensured us that the planes were mission capable and safe. If we did not have that trust in your abilities we wouldn’t be able to fly. During my 20 years I served in several billets in the Squadron Maintenance Department. I saw first hand the long hours, sweat, and attention to detail that each maintenance Marine put into doing their job so that I could fly the aircraft for any mission required. I was and I am still proud to have worked with such great individuals. Your purpose was greater than most civilians can imagine. For all of the aircrews from the past and the future, thank you Marine for your tremendous efforts as a squadron maintenance member and now as an instructor instilling that same dedication to duty in the future “wrench turners”!

    Semper Fi

    1. Semper Fi Gio! Witnessed more than a few airstrikes where I was . Most times could always tell who was driving, especially the F-4 and A-4’s, Marines always came in faster and lower. Harry 1371

      1. Harry I imagine as a Combat Engineer you were in areas where airstrikes were necessary. A-6’s normally flew at night, or when the weather was less than ideal for visual attacks. Our saying was that we “Penetrate Deeper, Linger Longer, and Carry a Bigger Load!” All Marine aviators know that our primary mission is to provide support to that 19 year old PFC Grunt who will win the battle with his rifle and fixed bayonet. If your MOS does not start with 03 than you are in a supportive role. We as Marines are fine with that.

        Semper Fi

        1. ” Deeper, Longer, and Bigger ? ” That’s not what she said! Sorry , could not resist that comment. Always wondered who was dropping those bombs on those rainy nights THANKS GIO!! Paul S 0311

  13. Marine: It does not matter how or where you served or what you had to do. You are a MARINE and you served with the best. I was a Flight Line Chief in Chu Lai in VMA 211. I earned 4 MOSs in my 3 and one half years. I should have stayed in but I was a kid. I never really appreciated the great things my fellow Marines and I accomplished. Today, I would do it again 1000 times. Look around at what is going on in our country today and know, We are the good guys. Be proud. Semper Fi!! Paul.

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