I Forgot To Thank Her

I Forgot To Thank Her

In reference to Sgt. John Clary's post about the Bob Hope show, here's a picture of Ann-Margret leaving the venue after the show.

As you can see Sarge, I got pretty close to her. A few years ago, I got even closer. She did a show at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino where I was a Security Officer. It was my pleasure to be her escort after the show; taking her through the back hallways to the service elevators and up to her room. Let me assure you that she was just as beautiful and sexy as ever and as nice as can be. My only regret is that I was so busy doing my job; guiding her around hazards and spills and making sure she wasn't accosted, that I forgot to thank her for Da Nang.

Cpl. Bill Reed
1st LAAM Bn. in Da Nang '68-'69 

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