I Wandered Around For A While

I Wandered Around For A While

BOY! Do these photos bring back MEMORIES!

Too bad the few remaining huts have fallen into such disrepair. I went to the USMC Scout Sniper Association reunion a few years ago in San Diego and we as a group attended a recruit graduation. Things have really changed since I went thru MCRD in '64. For one thing, on that grad day the recruits did not march in review like we did back then. They were marched out by platoons, lined up in front of the reviewing stand and just stood there while a Colonel gave a congratulation speech. Then they were dismissed and that was it. (R. Lee Ermey showed up and visited with some of the officers and DIs, then left without even a nod to us).

I wandered around for a while and found my old platoon street in the old 3rd RTB area. There were about a dozen huts there including the one I was in and that was it. All were being used as storage sheds and the ice plants had taken over the Drill Instructor's Grass area in front of the huts. Not the little neat rows that we had to plant and maintain and rake lines between the rows (to show any boot prints in case someone stepped in the dirt/plant area).

And the head with all the sh-tters lined up… and the showers where the DI's could "adjust the water temp" at the master control valves… "HOT… COLD… HOT…"


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  1. I arrived at MCRD San Diego November 1964. My life changed forever. I was assigned to Platoon 1005. Our huts were close to the airport runways; too close. I had a harder time trying to sleep than boot camp training. Our Platoon Commander was Maldoon along with three other DI’s. There was fog and rain for many days getting cold and damp at night not able to fire up the stoves in the middle of the hut. It was there for looks. Everyone worked together (Gung Ho) and graduated together with only two exceptions. After 2ITR, we all went separate directions; me going to Sea School ultimately assigned to the USS Ticonderoga CVA 14. On graduation day, we marched to the theater not a review. Unfortunately, the Marine Band was out on a trip and a Navy Band from their recruit depot played at the graduation. To this day, I’ve thought that unappropriate. I would have rather listened to a tape recording.

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