In Honor of Staff Sgt. Robert “Danny” Rogers

Staff Sgt. Robert Daniel Rogers passed away during the helicopter malfunction & subsequent crash in Aviano, Italy on Nov 8, 2007. An absolutely senseless & preventable death. He was an amazing friend & single father. The type of person you could always rely upon, & would do anything for you. He had a great sense of humor, very intelligent & had a warm, sincere way about him. Just a fantastic person of whom is rare to be blessed to call friend, much less neighbor AND friend. You will Always be remembered & deeply missed, Danny! My heart & prayers go out to his son, Isaiah. <3 Sam


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2 thoughts on “In Honor of Staff Sgt. Robert “Danny” Rogers”

  1. Training for battle is dangerous. Though many may never see combat the real world training Marines do is serious. Being Marine means you may die at any time during peace time or war. A sacrifice we all willingly accept for these United States of America! OOHRAHH to all Leathernacks! Semper Fi!

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