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  1. I am honoring all the Marines that I have met in my lifetime, including my wonderful husband of 28 years for going to Korea and Vietnam, and doing the honorable thing. God bless you all.

    1. Edie – Was you husband by chance Dick Faylor, a communicator who served in Vietnam in 1969-1970? Semper Fi!!! Top Pro

  2. Having spent a career in The Corps and served in three separate combatant actions, I can see and remember the faces of all of those lost to eternity. Not to mention my own family and friends that have passed. It would be nearly impossible to name and list them here. I must agree with Edie to honor and remember them all. God bless, R.I.P & Semper Fi!!! Top Pro

  3. Remembering Lt. John Abbott USMC
    We served together at NCTC in Pensacola Fla.
    I remember the day he left for OCS.
    A good man.
    Rest in peace Brother!

  4. Every Memorial Day, Bravo 1/1 recalls the memory of L/Cpl Thomas P. Mahoney III USMC, KIA-BNR… We didn’t bring him home thru no fault of our own…

    Tom’s body was held hostage by an NVA force, believed to be a company (ca. 80-100 ‘bo doi’) and we were trying to retrieve him… It was lying just outside the wire off the WNW end of Hill 865 w/i the Hill 881S complex… Our efforts were complicated by orders to get on choppers we were awaiting but hadn’t arrived… Suddenly, a gruff shouting voice came up on our company tac net in expletives deleted, ordering us to break contact, forget about what we were doing, & get on the choppers yet to come… That was Col Bob Barrow, Reg’tal C.O.& future CMC… All heard it, were shocked, & haven’t forgotten it… So it’s even more poignant to remembering Tom…

    His El-Tee and squad leader went back w/JPAC to pinpoint where we last saw Tom… JPAC has retrieval on hold due to their other priorities… His best bud from The World & USMC, then L/Cpl Mike Archer, has memorialized Tom in ‘A Patch of Ground’… And we in Bravo do the same each Memorial Day… For all Bravo 1/1 VN Vets at Khe Sanh, Semper Fi,

    aka ‘Skipper’

  5. To all those who I stood side by side with. Whom I laughed and cried with. And all who gave their all, I bow my head in reverence and a silent ,” Rest In Peace my Brethren and I will do my best to live my life to honor your sacrifice.”

  6. We remember all that gave! In particular, Sgt. Alan T. Jensen 1st Force Recon, KIA 17-Oct-1967, L/Cpl. Jerry Degray 1st Force Recon KIA 17-Oct-1967, L/Cpl. Howard Ogden G/2/7 KIA 18-Oct-1967.

    Rest easy my brothers.
    Semper Fidelis.
    Sgt. David Jensen

  7. I remember my Father S/Sgt Donald J Cruden. Korean War veteran and KIA in Vietnam 12/27/1967

  8. Never forgotten !!
    Sub Unit One, 1st ANGLICO


      VietNam 4 July 1968
      NIGHTCOVER 14 and all the fallen members of SUBUNIT ONE, FIRST ANGLICO.

  9. Pvt David Young WW2, my uncle.
    LCPL Denny Leary and SGT Dave Lummis, my friends.
    Chris Cowen, John Mc Carthy, Ronald Osborne, Stephen Young,Robert Morris, home town guys KIA in RVN.
    PFC Timothy Vimoto, a nephew KIA in Afghanistan.
    Rest In honored peace my brothers.

  10. All the Men and Women I didn’t know. The few I did. Sgt. Elisio Villalobos (Pancho) He taught me to paint the CH 34’s. Cpl Jerry Hendrickson, from Muskegon Heights, Mi. Tigers. Owens was teaching me guitar. Killed in the air. Miss you all. OORAH!!

  11. RIP Sgt. Richard Chamberlain. C Battery 1/12. died from wounds sustained at LZ Torch. 21 years old, had just begun his third tour of duty. Semper fi!

  12. In Flanders Fields the poppies grow
    Between the crosses, row on row,
    That mark our place. While in the Sky
    The larks still bravely singing, fly
    Unheard, amid the guns below.
    We are the dead, Short days ago
    We lived, felt dawns, saw sunsets glow;
    Loved and were loved – but now we lie
    In Flanders Field
    There are “Flanders Fields” around the world, the resting places of the fallen. We show them our respect by taking some time to remember their sacrifice and salute then. Semper Fi!

  13. Rembering all my brothers.
    LTJG Roy Haviland. USN, 1st LT Tyrone Pannell USMC, Cpl William B. Weather III USMC, SGT Keith Fay USMC

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