In The Head

You may have heard this before.  However, a couple of decades later while in the San Diego airport, waiting for my flight, I can’t believe I actually had the presence of mind to remember it when a young, just graduated from Navy Boot Camp, seaman saw me leaving the urinal straighaway to the exit, I’m sure, noticing my 3rd Marine Division ball cap, and made the remark… it was priceless, and I still wonder at my ability to recall and use it.

A young Seaman and a Marine PFC were both using the head, while waiting for their flights.  The Seamon finished his business and went to the sink to wash his hands.  He noticed the Marine going straight to the door, and commented…

“In the Navy they teach us to wash our hands after using the head.”

The young PFC stopped and answered… “In The Marine Corps they teach us not to piss on our fingers.”\

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10 thoughts on “In The Head”

  1. Love this! I live out in Springfield, MA and we have had our Birthday Ball’s over the area. One time we had it on Westover Air Reserve Base. I had the same thing happen to me. I bumped into my SgtMaj in the head, and some Air Force person commented the same comment to him. Trust me, you do not want to anger an 03 SgtMaj with 7 hash marks. He said, “I appreciate your insight and concern for my health, but in my Marine Corps, we were taught not to pee on our hands, but if you do, you go right ahead and wash up!”
    Semper Fi!

  2. Still laughing at this. How well I remember this when in Bootcamp. As we made honor Plt at MCRD, we were afforded the opportunity to attend a USO presentation along with some Navy Boots. This came up several times as various PLT members when and came back from the head. This kicker for me was after the event, we were all on the infield of some stadium, when the Marines marched out our side of the field was left immaculate, while the Squids left a mess. Needless to say our DI marched us back in to field day the Navy’s side of the field, as the Civilians in the stadium gave is a rousing standing ovation. Don’t get me wrong, I love our Navy Partners, especially the Pilots who saved our bacon in Vietnam more then once, but this was a classic event for me and one that I still hold as a valued moment
    Semper Fi
    Sgt. T. Golden

  3. I’m a Viet Nam Era Marine married 43 years to an FMF Independent Duty Navy Hospital Corpsmen who was in Viet Nam. I think he might get a kick out of this. Thanks!

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