Although I live in a remote, isolated area, I tend to keep informed about quite a few items of interest.  I may have asked this before, or I may have overlooked it, but I have a question about a series of books I read some years ago.  They were initially called "Green Side Out," "Brown Side Out," "Run In Circles," "Scream And Shout."  They were published (I believe) in the early eighties – I bought them in a bookstore in Oceanside, CA, one weekend while on lib.  They were small books and were written by a pair of retired Mustang officers; I think Major or Captain Duncan, and I can't recall the other officer's name.  They were filled with humor, sarcasm, and other general stories of their  experiences  in the Corps.

I don't know if Sgt. Grit has them, or if they are out of print.  Any info on these books would be greatly appreciated.  I kept at least one copy on my person at all times until I made that inevitable seabag drag, and finally lost all of them through various pcs orders over the years.  They were a great source of inspiration and laughs.

An azimuth reading for any direction to them is appreciated.  Thanks!  Semper Fi!

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