IOD Sites

IOD Sites

Here is your intrepid editor standing watch at one of the IOD sites 40+ years ago. I don't remember which one. Actually I don't remember the names of any of them. I visited all of them over a 4 week period to help with comm issues. Does anyone remember the names of these hills with the IODs. There would be 8-10 grunts, a Sgt or SSgt and a Lt. Usually a couple of 60's and a .50 Cal., that was it.

Sgt Grit 

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  1. One of the hills you are asking about was Hill 250. It was Bravo Co. 1st Recon Bn.’ s Hill. I was there in ’69 and ’70. I believe we were the first hill to get an IOD. We were always alerted when you were going to fire the laser so we could look the other way. I was told that Hill 250 had more kills than the rest of the 1st MarDiv put together, in January of ’70. We also had a constant flow of brass showing up to view the wondrous new machine. We had orders to shave everyday and to keep our boots polished. No problem – the mud wasn’t more than 3 or4 inches deep. I told the CO that I was going to moon the CG of the 1st MarDiv and he said he would not only take all my stripes but my sleeve, also. When the CG arrived he went to all four bunkers to greet the troops. I was alone in my bunker when I saw him coming so I dropped trousers to my ankles, turned my back to the door, and started tying my boots. He walked in, cleared his throat, and I said, “Sorry sir!” and saluted him between my legs. He laughed and said, “Carry on, Marine.” My CO’s face was redder than a fire truck but when he chewed me out later he couldn’t stop grinning. Sgt. Denny Eller

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