Its going to get busy -We will succeed. We will win our nations battles. That’s why they call us M

Do we have issues within the US? Yes. Could they get worse, hell yes. With all of the unrest that is currently transcribing within the world especially the Middle East we need to pay attention and continue the offensive but we aren’t to the degree we need to be at.

Despite the recent incident and past events with pirates off of East Africa, an issue that isn’t going to go away unless we help them meet their maker, we as “Americans” cant take it for granted that the world hates us and will even hate us more from here out.  Remember, again, organizations in that part of the world and even “down south” in Mexico have no regard for human life. They will not give a second thought in killing you and if you think I’m wrong you live in LaLa land my friend. The immediate step in preventing this is to not put yourself as a civilian in the position to allow it to happen.


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