Iwo Jima Sand

Sgt: Grit:

The attached photo is of one of my treasures on my "I Like Me Wall" and was given to me by my Supply Section as a going away present. It is front and center and right below the Marine Corps Seal, the place of honor. As this is most likely the most revered photo of the Marine Corps it is only fitting that it be so placed – between my Retirement Certificate and my Awards display. This has the Photo, the .03 cent stamp of the same picture, and a small bag of sand from Iwo Jima (retrieved by a friend on the visit to the island and matted by his wife in the frame).
v Every Marine who has seen this has wanted one but unfortunately there are no more like this one. I can't provide more but can share the photo.

Semper Fidelis,
Jim McDonald
1958 – 1966 & 1975 – 1998
Newark, CA

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