Just thought I’d send this one for your album

My name is George Diehl. At the time of this photo, I was a Corporal and a squad leader…Battery I, 14th Marines, 4th Division. The picture was taken in 1982 at the Mountain Warfare School…located at that time in Pickle Meadows, California. I am the Marine standing near the tree with the sh*t eatin’ grin on my face. We had just run our asses off at about 8,000 feet elevation

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  1. @ 8,000 ft?? Didn’t know there was air that high up (-;
    Who says the “new” Corps is soft???
    SEMPER FI Cpl Diehl, and all of you! Keeping the Corps strong.

  2. I knew where that picture was taken before I read the story. I was TAD there Summer of ’63 with 7thEngrBn – one of my best memories of my time in the Corps. I tried to extend my enlistment 2 years to go back, but the “career advisor” wanted me to ship for six.
    My funniest memory was watching Reservists who thought they were there for Mountain Warfare training. We lived in hard-backs one terrace above the student tents, so we had a good view of their area. Their first morning there the aggressor troops came in and scooped them up for E & E school. Many years later I learned my home-town insurance man was one of those reservists!

    1. Hey Marine, I was also there with B company 7th Engineers. Back in 63. Would really enjoy getting in touch to see if we new any of the same people.

    2. RJ I was one of those reserves, with 66th Rifle Company, Aberdeen, Washington. A company from Topeka, Kansas was with us. I recall they had some phoney class we were supposed to take, and got us all into this large building, then burst in, in their commie aggressor uniforms and took us prisoner, up to the POW compound where we spent the next couple, unpleasant days. I had seen those tin huts before in a Leatherneck Magazine from back in the early 60’s, and still can’t believe we stuffed over 150 people into them.

      1. Hey Bill, I was standing across the gravel road when they took you up to the camp. I was very happy that it wasn’t me. I did some work at the camp later that summer. I have pictures of the entire camp. I crawled in one of the tin huts out in the compound, I felt bad for anyone who had to stay in those huts.

  3. I was at pickle meadows in ‘62. My recollection is seeing the tourist children scrambling up and down the boulders in the national forest around the training areas while I was struggling to breathe. Also don’t fill your canteen from any spring in the meadow because of sheep poop. Did enjoy weekends in Reno.

  4. I, too, was with India Battery, 3rd Battalion, 14th Marines. I was a Sergeant and the armorer for the unit from 93-97. After an active duty enlistment from 85-89 I decided to go reserve and picked that unit. I have fond memories from that hard charging group of Marines.

  5. Were you running the small unit leaders land nav course through the mountains? I was there in 78 with HQ Btry, 2/14, out of Dallas. Sat on a ridge line at 8,880 ft at a check point on the course as a S/Sgt. Not a lot of O2 for Texas boys.

  6. George,
    I did Mountain Warefare training at Pickle Meadows in 82 as well. I was with Lima 3/8 Weapons Platoon. That was some good training. We stayed in wooden huts with plywood decks that were situated on a slight hillside. If I’m not mistaken, it was shortly after we were at CAX 29 Palms. After that we headed off to a Med cruise and then on to Beirut.
    Semper Fi Devildog
    Mike Kunkel
    Cpl. 0331

  7. I knew an officer that retired from there. He gave me a woodland digital camo cover. He was a good man, passed away a few years ago, his name was Jerry Woods, well over 6′ tall.


  9. I was a Sgt with Battery I , 14th Marines , 4th Division in 82. I also have a picture of my squad at probably the same elevation -except there was still snow around the tree – Semper fi Marine – same ground, same unit, same time

  10. Enjoyed mountain warfare here back when there were iron men and wooden ships. Went thru POW training with some Mormons. Their silk underwear had a religious meaning. The aggressors had “Hell” stripping the Mormons from their underwear.

  11. I believe it was Pickle Meadows when we were there in ’76 for Mountain Warfare Training. Golf Co. 2/5. Had a great time. Gunny got a cold surprise when the fire watch woke him up at 0500 and there was about 3-5 inches of snow on the deck. He told the fire watch to let everyone sleep in for an extra hour because he didn’t want to be in the snow. Also had a HUGE bonfire one night until some clown threw a box o’ blanks in the fire and they cooked off. Needless to say, that was the end of the fire that night. Semper Fi!

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