Kabar, the Marine Corps Bull Terrier

Birthday Greetings

Sgt. Grit,

Since I last sent you a picture of Kabar she has been promoted to PFC twice and busted to private twice for pooping on the sidewalk. I am glad to say that as of today she has progressed from private to PFC, and finally to lance corporal. Her MOS is 9999 (useless dog with a bad attitude). The question of a good conduct medal is still up in the air. Kabar's greatest ambition in the Corps is to be eventually assigned as sergeant of the guard at a dog food factory.

Galactic Central (this old Marine's long-suffering wife) takes a slightly less tolerant attitude toward Kabar, but she's coming around as Kabar gets older (four this December) and ever so slightly better behaved.

Best regards and Semper Fi.

Cpl. Allan Bilder
Hammonton, New Jersey

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