Korean Marines/Chosin commemoration in Korea

I’m Fred Jameson, primary TSC Officer for Marine Corps Forces, Pacific. I’m also a Colonel, USMCR. If your Korean veterens don’t know it now, we’re in the middle of planning significant commemorations of Incheon and Chosin in Korea on their anniversaries. The Chosin event will occur on November 10 in Seoul, and we believe that it will feature both the Silent Drill Platoon and the Korean Marines Ceremonial Unit. Should be a great show for our great veterens. I can direct them to the right people if they’re interested. Best place for you to contact me is this email jamesonfd@gmail.com , or my work email (fred.jameson@usmc.mil). The 60th anniversary is the most auspicious in Korean culture, so this should be a big deal..

F. D. Jameson

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