Laziness in Comms

So being in comms, I picked up on the “laziness”. Not like that really exists in the Marine Corps, but you know what I mean, if you were in comms. So being the especially lazy-not-lazy “Small Computer System Specialist” I was, in the late 90’s, I set out on a mission to make my payload for an upcoming mission especially small. Being that I was the only 4066 [IT person] on the tasking, I knew I had to hump my own gear. Weeks before this OP, I started installing Windows NT 4.0 onto laptops to become our “servers”. It worked great,even without USB support, I was able to recreate our stack of servers with laptops! Think back to how large servers were in the 90’s. They were not thin and sexy by any means. Which meant they also were not light weight and required a two person lift for each one. After I loaded up the three laptops to replace three full size servers, added in the other network equipment I needed plus cables, I was able to fit everything into one case [which did require a two man lift; but I could drag it around].

Once I arrived at the location to setup comms, I had things up and running fast. I had already bench tested everything, all the way down to the cables. The only problem was we didn’t have communication with the outside world yet. Being a subordinate command, I waited for the comms above us to get things working. After several hours, the Major in my command suggested I go up to the parent command comms and lend a hand. Feeling like a lamb to slaughter, I bounce on up there to offer some help. Marines are ruthless against an enemy and an internal questioning of another Marine can be seen as a threat as well. So with my smooth attitude and decent smile, I pop into the comms van of the parent org. Me, being “just” a Lance Corporal [who passed on CPL promotion while on this OP so my LT could pin me on] I offered to help. There was a female CPL at the console of their router with several [higher ranking Marines] looking over her shoulder. I knew I could never get my hands on that keyboard [as that was her world {not a sexist thing; just an IT thing} and not mine] I guided her through the commands to get things up an running. Satisfied that comms were flowing again, I ducked back out of their van and headed back to my command.

I never mentioned who I was, who I was with or anything. Would be really cool to run across others from that same Operation Purple Night/Steel Night, up in 29 Stumps [29 Palms] which occurred every year at the same time.

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