I worked for 51 1/2 years after leaving active duty in the Marine Corps. First I worked in private industry and then in publics service. In the latter I had a boss for 7 years that wanted me to go to bed with her and I refused and she refused to give me a raise. I wound up filing a federal law suit and won after 4 1/2 years. Yes, it was a great moral victory. She was a Black lady and the reason I won was because I had two black ladies willing to testify on my behalf against her. I had a reputation for treating all my colleagues he same, with respect. The case was settled and never went to trial and for me it was a great moral victory. At one point she told me she wanted employees to tremble when I walked by and I said I didn’t want that. I told her as a sergeant in the Marine Corps I never raised my voice to my men, but led by example and always pitched in when there was work to be done. I was there on the spot for my Marines and always available to them. When there was a occasional problem with some of our guys my colonel sent me in and I never failed him. It was my honor to serve my country and nothing gave me more personal pride in my life than my enlisting in the Marine Corps. I am 82 now and I still do push-ups and sit-ups, etc and still feel the ‘Band of Brothers’ mentality today as I felt then. I carry around some American flag/Marine Corps flag lapel pins and whenever I meet a Marine, I give him one. I never saw combat and I’m no hero, but the Marine Corps did more for me than I could ever do for the Corps. God Bless all of you and our Corps. America is a stronger nation because of the Marine Corps. I also include our brothers and sisters in the other services in that thought. The picture I attached is from graduation day at Parris Island in 1960. That day is alive in my mind at given moment.

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  1. Buzz,

    Thanks for sharing. I can relate.
    The foundation for my life was the Marine Corps. From HS drop out, Marine Corps (supply, embassy duty, counterintelligence, Vietnam), to College, Federal Government, Foreign Service Officer, Retired at the senior level. Without the Marine Corps beginning I cannot imagine any comparative success.
    Like you, the Marine Corps is still within me: At age 79 I still exercise daily and am at a level of health far beyond that which would have been achieved if I had not been “indoctrinated” at boot camp in October, 1959.
    Semper Fi,
    Ken Cohen
    Paris Island, Platoon 177

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