Let Sgt Grit Help You Spread The Word About Your Upcoming Marine Corps Reunion

It's starting to warm up outside, the nights are shorter, and the day time is longer. Barbecue pits are being ignited and everyone's getting excited because Marine Corps Reunion season is officially underway! Let Sgt Grit help you spread the word about your upcoming Marine Corps reunion by posting about it on our Marine Corps Reunions page. Submit a name for your reunion, group/organization that will be putting it on, the location, start/end date, point of contact information, and any additional information that those wanting to attend need to know, and we'll get it up faster than you can find a PRC-E7.

At each reunion, so many stories are shared, memories are made, and photos are taken… but don't let it end there, submit your stories and images to be placed on the Sgt Grit Marine Corps Stories – Reunions page for everyone to see what it means to be a part of such an Elite Breed of Marines.

If your reunion is going to be in the Oklahoma City, OK area, just let us know in advance by email: custserv@grunt.com, or by phone: 888-668-1775. Our motivated staff would be honored to accommodate your group with refreshments and squared away customer service.

Read more about the pictured reunion at PLT 1040, MCRD San Diego 1968.

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