Looking for help

My name is Beverly Crone. My Father was a Marine. His name is Marc Shaub served from 1958 -1960.

For years my father told us stories of being a prisoner in Cuba. He never told us details untill we took him to a doctor for his mild memory lost. The doctor said it was from him surppressing his memories and not talking about it. That was causing his memory to slip.

Dad then told us the horrific details of the torture. However it was too late. He has early onset Alzheimers.

While trying to get him benefits, I was told there are no records of him being in Cuba and he was denied. I was told if I could find someone who served with him, to prove this they would reverse their decision. So I'm am tring to find someone. If anyone remembers him or served with him, I would love to hear from you.

Thank you


A loving daughter of a Proud Marine

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