Looking For Squadron Mate

I am looking for anyone who knew, or served with Lt. Larry Helber (F-4 RIO), VMFA-334, DaNang, MIA 23Jan66. I have become close friends with his family and his children want to talk to anyone who may have known their father. Last year, I rode a bicycle from MCRD-SD to MCRD-PI to raise money for the Semper Fi Fund and dedicated my ride to Larry’s memory. Any memory or story about Larry is appreciated. Larry’s daughter came to SD to see me off last year, and his brother came to PI at the conclusion of my journey. Prior to deployment in DaNang, VMFA-334 was in Japan, and U.S. prior to that. Thank you, and Semper Fi!


Darryl Cloud

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  1. Simpler fi marine. I was in Vietnam 69 and 70! First Force Recon when I first arrived! Somewhere do the line I ended up transferring to Division rear! That was a cake walk! The first seargent would give us the company jeep on Sunday so we could go to the Air Base to the club! THEY had shows with entertainment! Great shows at the time! I was hitchhiking back to Division one time and a air force truck stopped to pick me up! As I started to jump to the back bumper someone yelled hit it! My foot got to the bumper but my hand did not get anything but air! I lay in the road not able to move and they yelled don’t let the gooks see your hurt! THEY then dropped my off at the hospital where I spent a couple of hours and was OK! Well just found this site today but will be visiting again, Simper -fi Scott!

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