Lost Mine On Hill 37

My dad passed in 2004 and I was cleaning out his gun cabinet when I came across the Zippo lighter I had given him after returning home from boot camp and ITR in 1969. I had forgotten about it. I’m sure I bought it and one other identical one at the PX at MCRD in San Diego. He obviously never used it as it is new in the box. I had mine engraved at

Danang PX, but later lost it I think on Hill 37. While I really regret losing mine, I’m glad to have this one and a few other mementos of my time in the Corps.

Semper Fi
William Bahan
H&S 1/7
Delta 1/1
Lima 3/5

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9 thoughts on “Lost Mine On Hill 37”

  1. The Zippo cigarette lighter was one of the small personal status symbols that you could carry in your pocket and show off whenever you lit up. Mine was engraved with my name & service number under the emblem, and an Andrew Jackson quote, “One man with courage makes a majority,” engraved on the back.

    Do you remember how to hold it between the thumb and two fingers and flip it open to look really cool? Well, while in Sydney on R&R I was up early on the first day to go scuba diving. I was having breakfast in a small coffee shop, just me and a very pretty Australian girl at the next table. She pulled a fag out of her purse and put it to her lips, and I was quick to yank out my Zippo and try to make an impression and really look cool. As I flipped it open, the lighter slipped from my hand and made the most horrendous clang as it bounced along the the tile floor. She hilariously laughed and I turned three shades of red from embarrassment. I was able to escape just then, as the dive master came in and signaled it was time to leave. I looked for the girl every day after, but sadly never seen her again. I’ll bet she tells a tale to her grandchildren about the klutz yank who once offered her a light with his trusty Zippo. Simper Fi!!!

  2. Ooooorha brother ??? Always love you too the moon and back Thank you for your Service. Recon Second marine eight regiment??

  3. Gave my lighter to a young marine fresh out of boot camp, and met up with him years later in a bar in Fort Lauderdale Florida and he still had my zippo ! I guess it was his lucky lighter. He came back from Iraq with no bullet holes or IED damage. Ooooorha ! Love you billy and I love all of my brothers to the moon and back again ✔️?????

  4. I’ve never smoked in my entire life but was tempted to buy one a few times as a young Marine just because they looked cool and everyone had one.
    Anyway, I never did buy one. They almost should have been standard issue back in the 70’s.

    MSgt (Retired)
    1975 – 1995

  5. My father was stationed in Danang I got his zippo lighter when he passed away. I also got his 1986 ford f-150 pickup with a302 steel motor the same motor they use in a 86 mustang. it has Marine Corps colors Red and Gray. oooooooo rah.

  6. I did the same thing, too. I bought a couple of Zippos at the MCRD SD MCX, just after graduating Boot, PLT 2117, Co G,2 Bn, RTR in 3/1973. One I gave to my Dad, and one I used. After years of abuse, mine lost the EGA. My Dad, who passed in 5/1984, never used his. It was still in his top dresser drawer. He tried to enlist in the Marines in 1942, but didn’t pass the physical. He had been in the Illinois National Guard Field Artillery in 1939, but got out in 1940 when he married my Mom.
    He was proud of my being a Marine. 9/25 was his birthday.

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