LST 1157

LST 1157

Sgt. Grit,

In the last newsletter on a post by D.Dick he mentioned the LST Terrell County 1157…I'm sending some pictures taken in 1961 of 1157 and 1167 which I was aboard during SEATO Joint exercise in and around the Taiwan Straits called Operation Blue Star. I was serving with the 12th marines (M-4-12). The flat bottom tubs where not fun to be on in rough water.
The Navy always got a kick when the ramp was dropped coming into the beach it scoured out a hole, it seems the ship always backed off a bit and the vehicles dropped in the hole…so you better have fording gear in place, because you were going to get wet..fond memories.

Thanks for a great news letter

Jim Scott..Cpl. 59-65

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