Madison Rising

Madison Rising

Sgt Grit, brother and sister Marines,

I'm a deputy sheriff and had the fortunate opportunity to work a
security detail for a patriotic rock group, Madison Rising. The
event coordinator knows I am a Marine and told me the lead singer, Dave Bray, was a corpsman. Dave was meeting with fans and when there was a break in the action I approached him and asked if he was a Doc. He said he was and was stationed at Camp
Lejeune, NC. I asked him what outfit he was in and he said 2/2.
Amazingly enough, I was with Regimental Headquarters at that same time he was with 2/2! Such a small world and even smaller Corps. We exchanged stories about our units and places of deployment.

The concert was phenomenal and these men are truly patriots. I recommend their music to any American that has a pulse and still
believes in our outstanding country. They were all fine gentlemen and had such a grounded attitude, not like the rest of
the "hey look at me" generation we all get to experience nowadays. God bless our Country and our Corps and our Corpsmen.

Semper Fi and Godspeed!

Glenn Russ
Sergeant of Marines

2 thoughts on “Madison Rising”

  1. I was also a Corpsman with 2/2. It was a couple of years before these people were. I was with 2/2 1986-1987. Then after 2/2 I went to Division Schools as an instructor.

    1. What company Doc. I respect the hell out of my Doc’s. Have been trying to get in touch with Doc Salazar. Doc Jones taught me about superglue and I am 52 now and never go anywhere without it. I was in 1st plt Golf Co 2/2 from 88 thru 92. Semper Fi Doc. Sgt. David Jones (the real Indiana Jones) but I have never been afraid of snakes.

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