mamma mamma can’t you see?

I remember very well the first day at boot camp, zero dark thirty meeting my new sisters. I also remember not being able to pee for hours and everyone being so mad at me and so tired. When I did pee I was up peeing all night. (not my proudest moment). After I got used to being yelled at, making my bed a certain way and showering with my hole barracks, it was ok. I even went on to Officer Candidate School after I graduated from college. The things I remember most was chow time, cleaning my gun and writing home and uniform inspection the good old days I wouldn’t change it for the world, even though I suck at lad nav. semper fi 1st Lt Waller

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26 thoughts on “mamma mamma can’t you see?”

  1. “This is my rifle, this is my gun. This is for killing, this is for fun!!” I do suppose that it would be the same for Women Marines too. You really should learn the difference, Lieutenant Sabrina. Semper Fi!!!

    1. Always thought that Marine OCS was officer bootcamp. Not boot camp then OCS. Maybe it is different for WM’s Harry 1371

  2. No doubt many of us caught the gun and bed – can you imagine what would have happened to us in boot camp in 1953 if we used these terms …..for our rifle or our rack, or even calling a 45 a gun…wow creates some doubt about this post! I can’t believe that we have changed that much.. Sounds like someones fart sack is leaking!!!

  3. You never cleaned a gun you cleaned and oiled your best friend that is your rifle you slept in a rack all Marines know this. You better find a place to hide because this sounds like stolen valor

  4. Why was everyone mad at you? Where you not all in the same situation? Did your barracks really have a hole in it? The word “Lt” sheds a whole different light on things!….RT Vietnam 1966/1967.

  5. I don’t believe that since 1955 a rifle,piece or weapon became guns, A rack became a bed. By the way, Semper Fi should be capitalized.

  6. Hmmmm….a Marine Officer with multiple misspellings, grammar errors and not to mention “gun” and “bed”???

    Marines, this is defecation from a male cow!

  7. As a graduate of MCRD Parris Island ’88 Platoon 4069, I agree with the other posts that this is fake. At first, I thought the writer was conveying something to civilian pukes, but a “first lieutentant” would have the proper terms (and spellings–at least I would hope a college grad would know how to spell, but maybe that’s just me) ingrained and use parentheses to explain the word. It was a poorly written piece of garbage though. Does anyone QC these “stories?”

    1. Plt. 4069. you must be WM. and would KNOW if this story is BS. At first I thought it might be a “Drunk Post” but now I’m sure it is all made up. On a lighter note,when I was at PI in 66 Had the pleasure of walking guard duty at the WM barracks. While walking my post came face to face with the cutest dang OD, a LT. Took all of my will power not to turn and watch her walking away! Nick 0311/8531 PS wonder if she actually knows what LADNAV is.

  8. Navigatin’ through all them LADS on P.I. I spose’. As my Grandpa used to tell me, “Son, that dog just don’t hunt.”
    (Note: pay no attention to the INTENTIONAL spelling errors, just typing the way my Grandpa talked.)
    D. Miller
    0311 ’74-’76

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