Man Cave

Man Cave

Dear Sgt. Grit staff;

I took a picture of mine and my son's cave. It's still a work in progress, but we thought you might enjoy! My son was thinking that you should have a Marine Corps Man Cave contest!

Cpl. Jonathan D. Wright & Tyler Wright
United States Marine Corps
Semper Fidelis

6 thoughts on “Man Cave”

  1. sure would like one. always looking ahead. forgive those that have anything against me, but for some reason think i have some against me. thank you jesus for saving me. think that i have already been in hell just dont want to go back there. looking for better things at the age of 63. put all of my enemies under your feet. god bless america and thank you for our freedom. keep the peace. onward christain soildier. i am for trump also. thanks marines and any one else that is american. united we stand

  2. If you are a religious man and it sounds like you are, you better start praying hard that Trump doesn’t become President. If he does become President back your see-bag you’ll be going back to hell !!!!

  3. And is Hell all that bad ? At least it is reality. (Or) Should we continue on our country’s present course until we morph into some shadow of European culture ? Anyway, this is not about Politics or Religion,… it’s about designing a “Man Cave.” Jon and Tyler, nice look with your Man Cave, and like the idea of a (light hearted) Man Cave contest.

  4. Man Cave contest sounds good even if I won’t be entering (no room available) Good luck!

  5. Would love to have something like your Man Cave but don’t have the space. Whatd a great tribute to our Marine Corps! Great Job!!

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