Marine Corps Corvette

Marine Corps Corvette

It was a pleasure speaking with you and, as promised, I have attached a few photos of our 1998 Corvette Roadster with its military (primarily Marine Corps – of course!) theme.

As I mentioned to you, the two chrome auto emblems that I ordered are going to be installed on the stereo speakers on the inside of the two doors. The paint on our white Corvette is a "ghosted" purple pearl that runs from the Marine Corps emblem painted on the nose of the car through the checkered flags that run over the hood, around on the sides of the quarter panels (and on the inside door panels) and then up on to the trunk deck, and look tattered to reflect the motion of the car. If you are looking at the car, the checkered flags appear to be gray/green at first, until the sun hits and then the purple shines through.

We had our painter paint the engine valve covers in a similar fashion and including Semper Fi and the trunk compartment has a large purple Marine Corp emblem embroidered into one of the white compartment covers.

We have been showing this car for almost 15 years and the paint job and other accents were added over the last 2-1/2 to 3 years. We received such a nice response to the Marine Corps elements from the spectators, that we had our painter add the other branches of the military of the car's rear bumper – photo attached of the right side.

My husband, Don, and I hope you enjoy these photos as much as we enjoy traveling around the country showing ti to people – it definitely starts conversations and it is very gratifying and heartwarming to have it open up conversations with families that current members deployed, with veterans from all branches of the military and, especially, from young people that have just enlisted or just returned from overseas.

Please give our regards to your staff and we wish all of you a wonderful 4th of July.

Margaret and Don Spires

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