3 thoughts on “Marine Corps Eagle, Globe, and Anchor”

  1. Semper Fi Marine……old Corps. I’ve said the same thing and I even went in a second time and loved every minute of it. 6 years active and 7 years Marine Reserves. Now just a hard nosed Grummpy old Marine and a Marine forever. Nam 66-67. First Marine Division.

    1. Outstanding !!! Your Tat looks Great. Sad to hear you checked out of our Corps after 19 years, but we all have our reasons for what we do. We are a very small family and you will be missed by everyone you and your Leadership has touched for your 19 years in. Semper Fi, my Brother.

  2. I waited 47 years before I got my only tat (EGA/shoulder). I should have gotten it sooner-no regrets. I served 4 years (’64-’68). First Mar Div. Nam ’66. Sgt, Robert AL Taylor

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