Marine Corps Poetry

Time In Hell

My Marine


No Truly Glory

Marine Mom Tears

A Tribute

For My Son…

What I Am


A Star Spangled Prayer

Loving A Marine

My Marine Poem

My Angel

All Seasons

Different Christmas

Marine Song

Marine Christmas

Birthday in Heaven


Comrades in Arms

Bear Flag

Moment in Time

Only The Few


The Battle and the War

True Love Waits

My Baby, My Son, My Marine

My Marine

Just Passing time

A Mom’s Pride and Fear

Veterans Hat

United States Armed Forces Veterans

Tribute to my Dad


Love You Forever

Iraqi Soldier

Till The Day They Die

This Is Who I Am

Marine Corps Wife

Where Are You Son

To My Marine


Iraq 2006

Fathers Day

Our Brother…

I See

Yellow Ribbon


What Do You Say

United States Marines

Angels in Uniform

Vietnam 1968

The Other Wall


Sgt Toledo’s Poems

Special Marine


Eric Returns…

Untitled Poem

U.S. Marine Grunt

This Veteran…

Christmas Poem

Lost But Not Forgotten

Veteran’s Christmas Wish

Veterans Day Assembly

Happy 230th Birthday

Poems by Del Abe Jones

You Think You Know

USMC Poems


230 Years

This Life


Semper Fidelis


Semper Fidelis


I Remember That Day

Cpl James Moore Dedication


Final Inspection

Wounded Heroes

Fallen Heroes Memorial


The Corps

Far Away CoastDedication

The Other Half


Band of Sisters

Training for the Corps

Ode To A Friend

At Last

Who Went And Didn’t Come Back

Ballad for Marines

Your Son


If I Ever Go To War

The Marines

Carved in Stone

Fading Warriors

The Fallen

The Sands of Christmas

Remember Them

A Marine’s Mother

Memorial Day Parade

Tarawa Atoll

Cream Of The Crop

Wings of Hope

Welcome Home

The Marine

Corps War Memorial


DEP Reflection

Semper Fidelis
Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

A Line in the Sand

Monster Squad


Welcome HomeIraq War

Marine Hymn of the ’40’s

Our Old Corps

Marine Love Poem

Gone For Way Too Long

Veteran’s Perspective

Honor the Veteran

The American Dream

Ode To a Marine

A Marine Day in Court

Lindberg Birthday Tribute

“My Marine’s Sentinel,” “Farewell Marine,” and “Fight for the Right”

“Lean-Mean & Seventeen,” and “Ode to Vietnam”

For My Son Who Joined The Corps

A Warrior’s Return

A Deeper Saddness

Corps Ditty

Wish You Were Here

Ode to a Marine

I Went to the Wall, Our Wall

These Eyes

Grieve the Warrior, You

For Country…For Freedom

I Am the Flag

Gulf War Poem

Foreign Lands

Marine Sniper

“What Is A Marine”

Nowhere to Turn

Our Vietnam Veterans

A Love Stronger Than Life

A Tattoo Poem
(with pictures)

Twas the Night Before Christmas

United States Marine

A New ManA Marine

Tribute to a Marine

Disabled DI’s Poetry

Who are they?


Heal A Tortured Heart

With a Rifle in my Hand

Through His Eyes I’ve Seen

U.S.S. Cole

The Title

The Green Beret Men (Royal Marines)

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